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App Icons

Apps are great marketing tools in today’s modern world. Everyone uses smartphones on a regular basis, granting mobile apps such a large exposure. Your company can tap into this expanding market through high quality apps and tailored branding campaigns.

Over 80% of today’s smartphone users make the decision whether to download an app based on the app’s icon. It is the first impression your app gives to potential users who are browsing the respective app stores. A well-designed app icon is indeed crucially important.

Aside from acting as a way to attract users, app icons also allow your apps to stand out among hundreds (or even thousands) of other apps on users’ smartphones. Great app icons followed by good user interface will increase the apps’ frequency of use substantially.

Designing high quality app icons that will help attract more users is now easier than ever with’s team of experienced designers helping you with the process. We take every detail of the app and information on the app’s target market or user segment in order to create a highly attractive and representative app icon for you.

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