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Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are very handy when you receive a lot of letters and requests that don’t require formal replies. When your company receives a request for a catalogue, for instance, the reply can simply be the catalogue and a compliment slip attached to it.

A good compliment slip includes the same elements as your company’s letterhead with the addition of a few things. For starters, a salutation – “with compliments” or something similar – is added to the compliment slips. The slips may also contain additional space for notes and instructions.

Similar to letterheads and stationery in general, compliment slips say a lot about a company. It is critical that you have the slips designed properly in order to convey the right message of professionalism and credibility. can help you design the perfect compliment slips that match the image of your company. We do more than just adding the company’s logo and other elements of the compliment slip; we take the very essence of the company and translate it into a professional compliment slip layout that is both easy to read and consistent with the existing designs of corporate stationery.

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