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A favicon is an icon for your site. When a site is loaded on any web browser, the favicon will appear on the corner of the address bar. The same icon is also used when the website is bookmarked or added to mobile home screens. Unfortunately, not every website owners understands the importance of setting up a good favicon.

Favicons are very small, 16x16 pixels to be exact. It is virtually impossible to include every detail of the website’s logo into its favicon without losing important details and design elements. This is exactly why favicons must be designed purposely from the beginning so that it can represent the website properly.

We understand how designing the perfect favicon can be difficult, especially when you need to include essential elements that represent your brand or your website perfectly. CorporateIdentity.co.uk is here to help you overcome those difficulties by offering a comprehensive favicon design service.

You can sit back and relax while we transform your brand or website logo into a highly attractive favicon. Using the combination of vector imaging and high quality design tools, our favicons will look stunning when appearing on any media your web visitors are using to browse the site.

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