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Invitation Slips

Invitation slips are very useful when you are planning to host a number of corporate and promotional events. There is no need to write a formal letter every time you need to invite third-party contractors or guests to an event now that you can use invitation slips for the purpose.

Invitation slips need to be formal enough so that it represents your company’s professional image. However, they also need to communicate the right message and send a rather friendly message to the receivers. Finding the right balance between elements is perhaps the most difficult thing to do when designing invitation slips, but is here to help you every step of the way.

Our years of experience in designing the best corporate stationery and providing branding and design services to our clients mean we can design the perfect layout of invitation slip for your company. Every detail is fine-tuned to meet your highest expectations.

We also provide invitation slip design services as part of a package. For a truly consistent corporate identity,’s team of experienced designers can handle the process of designing a company logo all the way to fine-tuning every item of your corporate stationery to perfection.

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