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A letterhead can really make a huge impact. It is conventionally the heading of stationery such as a letter paper, but it is more than just a set of symbols (logo or brand) and taglines. A well-designed letterhead can strengthen messages conveyed through the letter it accompanies.

Some companies have different letterhead content depending on the type of letter they are sending. Formal letters and proposals use one type of letterhead, while commercial letters such as invoices and order forms use another; the later includes details such as VAT registration number.

Regardless of the types of letterhead you need, having them designed properly is an important thing to keep in mind. A good letterhead can really make a lot of difference.

CorporateIdentity.co.uk is here to offer you letterhead design services. We know how important it is to have professional letterhead designs, and we are here to make sure that your letterheads make a huge impact when used. Our team of designers is more than capable of producing professional-looking letterheads using your corporate logo, tagline and other elements. We use vector formats and pay close attention to essential details when designing letterheads. You can expect nothing less than highly effective letterheads when using your design services.

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