Logo Reworks

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Logo Re-make or Re-work

Do you find your existing logo not representative enough? Is it conveying the wrong message? If the answer to any of these questions is a YES, then a logo rework is what you need to consider. Unlike complete redesign, logo rework involves taking existing elements of the current logo and making fine-tuned adjustments and changes necessary to improve the logo. Logo reworks are also useful when you need to adjust your existing logo for different uses, such as making a black and white version of the logo without losing its important elements.

Logo reworks are often part of rebranding campaigns as well. To alter the image of the company or introduce a new, fresher look to customers, a fresh and highly attractive logo is the perfect place to get started.

Logo reworks are more delicate than designing a new logo from scratch. There are existing corporate and brand images to be maintained, which is why we at CorporateIdentity.co.uk offer only the best logo rework services. We have the necessary expertise and experience to help you with comprehensive a logo rework project. We are here to perform optimally and provide you with the best end results regardless of your needs and expectations.

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