Logo Vectorisation for Print

We re-create your logo in a vector format for print purposes.


Logo Vectorisation

One of the biggest problems with maintaining consistent logo appearance is the lack of vector logo format. A rasterized logo can be used for certain purposes, but it would be difficult to enlarge the logo for printing or use it on specific media such as prints. If you no longer have a vector format of your logo, logo vectorisation is the solution you need to be considering.

Logo vectorisation is the process of converting a rasterized logo into its original vector format. This is done by scanning every design element of the logo, including shapes and text, and recreating them using vector design tools. Once the vectorisation is completed, any type of post-processing can be applied to it.

Although logo vectorisation may seem like a simple process to complete, the tasks to be completed along the way are very delicate. The perfect result can be achieved only with amazing attention to details and high level of knowledge in using vector design tools. This is where the experienced designers we have here at CorporateIdentity.co.uk can help you.

Our logo vectorisation service allows you to continue using your existing logo for a wider range of purposes thanks to the flexibility of vector image formats.

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